Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kingdom of Kutai in Indonesia

Kutai Martadipura is patterned Hindu kingdom in the archipelago which has the oldest historical evidence. The kingdom is located in Muara Kaman, East Kalimantan, precisely in the Mahakam river upstream. Name Kutai taken. Kutai name given by the experts took the name of the discovery of an inscription which indicates the existence of the kingdom. There are no inscriptions that clearly mentions the name of this kingdom, and indeed very little information can be obtained.

The information was obtained from Yupa / inscription in the sacrifice that comes from the 4th century. There are seven yupa the main source for experts in interpreting the history of the Kingdom of Kutai. From one of these yupa known that the king who ruled the kingdom of Kutai time was Mulawarman. His name is recorded in yupa for his philanthropy religious meal 20,000 cows to the Brahmins.

Mulawarman is Aswawarman children and grandchildren Kundungga. Name Aswawarman Mulawarman and very thick with the influence of Sanskrit when viewed from the way the writing. Kundungga is magnifying the Kingdom Campa (Cambodia) which came to Indonesia. Kundungga itself allegedly has not embraced Buddhism.

Aswawarman probably the first king of the patterned Kutai Hindu. He is also known as the founder of the dynasty that Kutai Wangsakerta given the title, which means forming a family. Aswawarman have 3 sons, and one of them is Mulawarman.

Son Aswawarman is Mulawarman. From yupa known that during the reign of Mulawarman, Kutai experiencing the golden age. Territory covering almost the entire region of East Kalimantan. People Kutai live well and prosper.

Kutai seemed not appear again by the outside world because of lack of communication with foreign parties, so very little is heard of him.

Kutai ended when King Kutai named Maharaja Setia Dharma killed in battle at the hands of the king Kukar-13, Aji come in for Prince Panji Anum. Please note that this Kutai (Kutai Martadipura) different from the Kingdom of the capital Kukar the first time in Kutai Lama (Cape Kute). Kukar is, in the year 1365, which is mentioned in the literature Negarakertagama Java. Kukar later became known as the Islamic kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara.

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